End of Disclosure - Hypocrisy (2013)

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Album Review

It has been a while since the release of Hypocrisy’s last album A Taste of Extreme Divinity, back in 2009. Four years later, the Swedes return with their twelfth studio album entitled End of Disclosure, to be released on the 22nd of March via Nuclear Blast Records. Produced by the band’s mastermind, Peter Tägtgren, Hypocrisy showcases a very interesting comeback to the death metal scene. With a melodic approach and some scarce but effective orchestral arrangements, End of Disclosure is an aggressive burst of sonic waves, characterised by a rather traditional, death metal vibe; which can be particularly noticed on tracks such as Soldier of Fortune or Hell Is Where I Stay with its slow but sharp riffs, supported by the fast double kick attacks and the gloomy, death vocals of Tägtgren. The alternations in tempos and styles that arise from track to track, keep the album from becoming a monotonous piece of work, while at the same time, don’t jeopardise the flow of it. Production wise, Tägtgren has done a good job at keeping everything clear and at giving it that old school vibe. The symphonic elements are well presented and remain underneath the essence of the songs without being overwhelming and distracting. In general, the album will please fans of the early Hypocrisy albums, while it will hopefully also manage to attract an audience that’s not familiar with the band.

Favourite track of the album is The Eye. With a rather energetic intro and some old-school riffs, it’s the vocals of Tägtgren that really bring out the evil feel out of this song. The speech part in the middle is rather interesting and the lyrical theme that deals with freedom, New World Order and other modern day fears, is one that is reigning over the majority of the album.

End of Disclosure: 8/10